OK. Let me explain the graphic at the top.

I call my undiluted essential oil blends Bases because they form the base for more than one product. Bases must NEVER be applied to the skin undiluted unless directed my a professional.

The Base can be dispensed in its pure form as aromatherapy by diffusion or Murph's AromaHalers seen here

The white cotton wick is saturated but not soaked, with a blend and returned to the tube. The end of the tube is held against the opening of one nostril while closing the other. Inhaling delivers the blend into the body effortlessly.

        The same Base can be mixed with a carrier like liquid coconut oil and applied to the skin. This is called topical application.

       Once again the same Base can be mixed with plain ole water as a room and or body spray. I use it like this often instead of cologne.

        Speaking of cologne, the same ole Base can be mixed with liquid coconut oil for application as a longer lasting cologne.

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See what Mike & Mike had to say about Murph's All-Pain Remedy.

Formally known as Murph's All-Pain & Arthritis Remedy. Now I have Murph's Super Arthritis Remedy.

The first out of several I made for topical application that really works.

      T = THERAPEUTIC      F = FRAGRANCE  some are both.  this is a list of active blends.i have more but these are the best

Below are my most used containers

they are available empty in units of 10. minimum 5 units/50 containers. shipping not included

Empty AromaHalers available in lots of 100 depend on availability