My mission

For therapeutic products: to give people seeking relief and symptom alleviation from maladies & conditions of various kinds, a natural option of and or addition to prescribed chemical and pharmaceutical products that produce various side effects.

Fragrance products: to provide new and natural scents that are long lasting and not irritating to the skin. The oils and carriers will most likely have positive benefits for the skin, body and general well-being as a whole.

     I make remedies from natural products like essential oils, cocoa butter, coconut, grape seed oil & other carriers that help alleviate & or decrease symptoms from problems like pain, depression anxiety, asthma, insomnia, bronchitis, tooth pain, headaches, hair & skin problems and more. Many of these blends were developed and proven when I ran a massage supply store between 2010 and 2014. That is where and how i got my knowledge of essential oils. i was skeptical at first but look at me now.

        My fragrances are not copies and are truly unique. Yesterday, I was letting a friend smell some scents. Upon smelling Rock Me Baby, he remarked that he had never in his life smelled anything like that. He also said he felt "not depressed" because my fragrances are based on essential oils which have therapeutic properties as well as smell great.


No chemical additives or artificial ingredients.
No multi-level marketing. No middle man. No hassles

I am the Designer, Blender and Purveyor of these therapeutic and fragrance essential oil blends.

You deal with me, always. You never get a rep in another country. I speak English, sarcasm & irony.

No credit no, problem

because everything is


I take your purchase order and you pay through Square when I bring it to you or prepaid through SQUARE or PAYPAL invoice for shipments. I never see your card #.
Resellers : 30% off MSRP. Professionals: 20% MSRP
my MSRP is low so I encourage resellers to mark it up where you feel comfortable.
Summary of my Market Research resulting from building a business plan.

        I find that my therapeutic products outperform topical-pain-relief-products- based on menthol, capsasin and wintergreen by acting on the root cause of the pain and not covering it up with tingles, cold or warm feelings that provide only temporary relief.
         I did not find a lot of products for other ailments in the essential oil category. Most were for pain. A few are 100% pure essential oils and will cause problems eventually if applied topically with no dilution.
           I have a full line of therapeutic oil blends including pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia and more.
I find individual products like this but rarely a full line and never one as extensive as mine.
         A few fragrance products contain SOME essential oils but MY  fragrances are 100% essential oils with a carrier that is natural also.
         My fragrances would be ideal for people with allergies to regular  perfumes and colognes.
        My sprays can be used as room and body sprays thanks to the natural ingredients.
        I believe that with my product formulations, variety of applications and pricing will stand almost alone in the industry.

   Brief Description of Business

      Manufacture and distribution of therapeutic and fragrance essential oil blends and related products derived from same. Target markets are resellers of all products and power users of Murph’s All-Pain Remedy, my flagship item. One goal is to get people using fewer chemical pharmaceuticals whenever there is an essential oil alternative.

 Marketing Objectives

        Obtain resellers and power users of products who will buy in quantities. Obtain repeat customers of same. Expand customer base from my area outward. Use my website, google and Bing stores for retail volume. Phase 2 is to acquire customers in small towns where there is zero competition. Add one or two commission only sales consultants.

 Expected Outcomes

     To grow a base of repeat and word of mouth customers and grow the business and capital while providing symptom and pain relief and new exciting non-allergenic fragrances for the end user.


MURPH'S ALL PAIN vs over the counter topical pain relief Sombra aka Sore No More & Biofreeze.

            Most over the counter topical analgesics contain one or more of the following as active ingredients:        menthol            eucalyptus     camphor        winter green              capsasin (extract of hot chili pepper}           These ingredients are intended to mask pain and not remove the source of the pain by sending a cooling sensation to the brain that temporarily over-rides the pain signal.


Pain happens when your receptors send a signal from your spine to your brain. Cold sensations, like menthol, stimulate receptors to block those signals to relieve pain.”

“POWERED BY MENTHOL Menthol stimulates cold receptors that create a cooling sensation on and under your skin, helping to relieve pain. Our formula has optimized the ideal menthol concentration.”


MSDS { material safety data sheet required by government for certain types of hazardous chemicals} Isopropyl Alcohol 15 - 40% Flam. Liq.   Eye Irrit.   L-Menthol   3 – 7%   Substance with a community workplace exposure limit. Triethanolamine   1 – 3%   Eye Irrit.   Highly flammable : Irritant  : Irritating to eyes

 Safety Data Sheet Biofreeze Professional Gel Vapors may cause drowsiness or dizziness H225: Highly flammable liquid and vapor H319: Causes serious eye irritation H336: May cause drowsiness or dizziness


 essential oils and fractionated coconut oil or cocoa butter. all natural Side effects: none since 2011


Contains ingredients that go to the root cause of the pain such as muscle cramps & spasms, tense muscles, inflammation & swelling in joints and muscles, abdominal and muscle pain, sprains, tendinitis, sprains while helping improve circulation and normalize blood pressure in the treatment area. It can be used repeatedly with no known side effects except some people allergic to things that grow in nature like plants, trees, grass, bushes, berries, fruit etc. may experience problems.


 MURPH’S ALL-PAIN REMEDY side effects: none have been reported since 2011 and the original formula.