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Here is a brief rundown of my products.


                    MURPH’S REMEDIES

ALL PAIN- For muscle pain, joints, nerves, muscle spasms etc

ALARM CLOCK- Wake yourself up!

ANXIETY- Calm yourself down

ASTHMA- When you can't catch your breath

BRONCHITIS- Stop that cough

BURNS, BITES & BOBO’S When life puts the hurt on you

CHILL OUT- When you need to be laid back

CITRUS GROVE- Refresh, focus and center yourself

CONSTIPATION- When you're all clogged up

DECONGESTANT- Opens your nose and sinuses

DEPRESSION- For when life gets you down

DISINFECTANT- Citrus, tea tree & more. A natural germicide

4 THE FEET {3 varieties}- Treat your feet

HAIR & SKIN- Regeneration plus fractionated coconut oil

HAPPINESS- Cheer up and be glad

HEAD & TOOTHACHE- When life is a pain in the head

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE- Don't blow your self up

HIGH CHOLESTEROL- When what you eat doesn't like you

INFLAMMATION & SWELLING- The two go together. Get rid of em both!

INSOMNIA- Won't make you cross eyed or give you a hang over in the morning.

I SEE PAISLEY- A sweet sensual blend

MUSCLE SPASMS- For cramps wherever they grab you

PEACEFUL DAY- Relax and take a load off

PURPLE SAGE- Energizing, stimulating & sensual

SENSUAL #5- The name says it all. Patchouli, ginger and more

SKEETER-B-GONE- Put the bite on mosquitoes

SPICY FOREST- Sensuality with cinnamon, patchouli & more

STRESS- Brush the world off your shoulders

UP A TREE- Stimulate & focus your mental energies

UPLIFTING- Lift yourself up with tea tree & citrus



I have three levels of pricing:

  1. MSRP
  2. Professional & quantity purchasers: 15% off for massage therapists, sports & rehab therapists, medical, holistic & chiropractic practitioners & other health care practitioners
  3. Resellers 30% off

Orders will be taken on a COD basis on your purchase order.

When I deliver, I can take credit & debit cards through Square or I can take checks or money orders.

Out of town & local shipments require full prior payment.

Large orders may require a partial deposit.

Price list & this brochure can be downloaded from website on

“Downloads & Testimonials” page