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Here is a bit of information on my products and their uses.


If you would like to become a local retailer of my products, contact me and I will come visit you and work out a mix of products of your choice. I will also come to your store for a while and train you in product knowledge and hang around and help you promote and sell your products and no additional cost. All sales will be yours.


 All my products are made with proprietary blends of pure, natural essential oils. All of the carrier oils are pure and natural like fractionated coconut oil.


Some essential oils are not recommended for use if you are pregnant or lactating so I would suggest not using my remedies without consulting a physician who knows about oils. You should NEVER take them internally or applied directly to the skin without dilution. Even diluted, therapeutic essential oils are very concentrated and.

MURPH'S ALL PAIN  :My original pain formulas were Murph's Muscle and Joint Remedy and All-Pain & Arthritis Remedy. The All-Pain formula started out as one for arthritis and inflammation with oils for nerve & other pain. I have since modified the recipe to cover the whole gamut of pain in one product. When I had my massage supply store here in Houston, I had massage therapists that swore by these products. One young lady massaged the jockies at the horse race track. They would come in after a hard race and holler for the "muscle stuff" as one jockey called it. I use the latest formula myself and many of my friends and associates use it and love it.

Available in ready to use roll on or rub on in your choice of several carrier oils, Aroma-halers and pure, undiluted essential oil base for use in diffusers and refilling your Aroma-haler. I have also started trying them out in 10ml roll ons as colognes. They will be available as massage products in a carrier of grape seed oil for sufficient glide. The blends will not be as strong as the therapeutic topical products.


ASTHMA REMEDY: I saw a friend of mine using an asthma inhaler one day. He was the reason I developed the ASTHMA REMEDY. Easier to use and less expensive and not as hard on the body.


BRONCHITIS REMEDY: Developed for those with bronchitis. Available in , Aroma-halers and pure, undiluted essential oil base for use in diffusers and refilling your Aroma-haler.


BURNS, BITES & BO-BOs: Developed for kids and adults alike!  


HEAD & TOOTH ACHE REMEDY: I developed this for myself as a headache reliever. It can also be used for tooth and mouth pain. For headache and exterior use for tooth ache, it is mixed with rubbing alcohol as a carrier. For headache, place a dropper full in the palm of one hand. Then take two fingers from the other hand and dip in solution. Redip when needed.  Close your eyes just in case and place a little on each temple then on the acupuncture sites over each eye then place the remainder on the back of your skull and back of the neck. For tooth and mouth pain, apply on OUTSIDE of cheek over the site of pain. Do not use inside your mouth. 


DEPRESSION & INSOMNIA: Now as two separate products. I also developed this for me and my chronic major depression. I found it also works for insomnia. Best used in an Aroma-haler or diffuser. I have places few drops on a cloth and placed it near the air intake of my CPAP machine. CPAP is for sleep apnea. Planning on splitting this into two products. One for depression and another for insomnia because it works so we, I dont want to wake up in the morning!


SKEETER B GONE: YES it works well! First used it while shooting fireworks for two hours. Other people were accosted by mosquitoes but not ole Murph!


CITRUS GROVE: This one just smells incredible if you like citrus. It also has an uplifting effect. I gave someone an Aroma-haler filled with this and he said when he's at work and gets stressed out or starts to loose energy, he takes a few inhales and he's ready to go some more.


MUSCLE SPASM REMEDY: {replaced by Murph's All Pain} Once again, a self remedy. I had been having knee pain and muscle spasms in my calves. This helped a lot. I eventually found out that both the knee pain and spasms were due to a cholesterol lowering statin drug I was taking. I had heard of this type of side effect and after researching, I quit taking the med for about a week and they pain and spasms went away. I got the doc to finally agree with me and am now taking a lower dose and not taking it every day either. The food at this facility where I have been staying is loaded with cholesterol, carbs and fat. I will be moving soon!


 HIGH CHOLESTEROL REMEDY: I developed this for myself because of the above problems and I want to get off the statin drug. 


HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE REMEDY: Developed this for other people. I recently started using it when my usually absurdly normal blood pressure went up a couple of months ago due to stress. 


HAIR & SKIN REMEDY: The one part treatment for two problem areas. It is offered in a carrier of fractionated coconut oil.


SWELLING REMEDY: {replaced by Murph's Inflammation & Swelling Remedy} For general swelling and swelling after an injury. Always consult your doctor or chiropractor when you have swelling because it may be a symptom of a larger problem.


IRRITABLE  BOWEL SYNDROME OR IBS: Developed for the sister of a friend of mine.


ANXIETY: I developed this for myself when I was feeling a it stressed out .


DISINFECTANT: A great smelling blend of tea tree, basil and others for cleaning or hand sanitizer. Add to rubbing alcohol or witch hazel for hand sanitizer or add to water or non-chlorine or non-ammonia cleaner in spray bottle for general cleaning. 




ALL PAIN- For muscle pain, joints, nerves, muscle spasms etc
ANXIETY- Calm yourself down
ASTHMA- When you can't catch your breath
BRONCHITIS- Stop that cough
BURNS, BITES & BOBO’S- When life puts the hurt on you
CHILL OUT- When you need to be laid back
CITRUS GROVE- Refresh, focus and center yourself
CONSTIPATION- When you're all clogged up
DECONGESTANT- Opens your nose and sinuses
DEPRESSION- For when life gets you down
DISINFECTANT- Citrus, tea tree & more. A natural germicide
4 THE FEET {3 varieties}- Treat your feet
HAIR & SKIN- Regeneration plus fractionated coconut oil
HAPPINESS- Cheer up and be glad
HEAD & TOOTHACHE- When life is a pain in the head

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE- Don't blow your self up
HIGH CHOLESTEROL- When what you eat doesn't like you
INFLAMMATION & SWELLING- The two go together. Get rid of em both!
INSOMNIA- Won't make you cross eyed or give you a hang over in the morning.
I SEE PAISLEY- A sweet sensual blend
MUSCLE SPASMS- For cramps where ever they grab you
PEACEFUL DAY- Relax and take a load off
PURPLE SAGE- Energizing, stimulating & sensual
SENSUAL #5- The name says it all. Patchouli, ginger and more
SKEETER-B-GONE- Put the bite on mosquitoes
SPICY FOREST- Sensuality with cinnamon, patchouli & more
STRESS- Brush the world off your shoulders
UP A TREE- Stimulate & focus your mental energies
UPLIFTING- Lift yourself up with tea tree & citrus


Do not use if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure {except high blood pressure remedy} without consulting your doctor. Always let them know you are using natural remedies.

Place 3-5 drops on a piece of cotton or tissue being careful not to get it on your skin. Hold both hands together like you were holding water. Place the cotton where your hands meet. Carefully bring your hands to your face where they cover your nose but not your mouth. Slowly and deeply inhale the blend till your lungs are full of air. Hold for 2 or 3 seconds then slowly exhale through your mouth. Repeat for 30 to 60 seconds or until desired result is achieved.

Place tip of unit into a nostril and close off other nostril. Keep mouth closed except when exhaling. Slowly and deeply inhale the blend till your lungs are full of air. Hold for 2 or 3 seconds then slowly exhale through your mouth. Repeat for 30 to 60 seconds or until desired result is achieved.

Follow manufacturers directions for adding oil blends to diffuser. Only use the pure essential oil blend & NEVER mix with carrier as it may damage your unit.

Choose an oil carrier like fractionated coconut oil, grape seed oil, jojoba etc. Do not use lotions or creams because they contain waxes & other solids which clog the skin and prevent the absorption of the essential oils. Coloured containers are best because light tends to degrade essential oils. Never heat essential oil as it changes their chemical composition.

Use 10-20 drops of essential oil blend for each ounce of carrier and gently shake container to mix. Place small amount of mixture where needed & rub in. Repeat as needed. Reapplication may be needed if desired effect was not achieved. Essential oils have practically no side effects when used properly.

Roll small amount on inside of wrists, neck or where ever. Do not apply to cloth as the carrier oil will be visible and may or may not stain.

These products are not meant to replace prescription medications. They are to be used in conjunction with them or used alone if you don't have or want chemical prescription drugs. They are designed by using information collected by centuries of use around the world.

They can decrease or alleviate symptoms. If you can use my remedies to decrease or eliminate dangerous narcotic pain killers, so be it and more power to you!
ESSENTIAL OILS ARE NATURAL PLANT, FLOWER & TREE-DERIVED REMEDIES. NEVER TESTED ON ANIMALS. I AM THE GUINEA PIG MOST OF THE TIME! Some of these were concocted to use on my own problems or those of friends.