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Don't like chemicals? Neither do I!

Murph's Remedies are made with essential oils;

 Medicine from the Earth.

 My mission is to provide non-chemical relief from health conditions at a cost that most can afford and without the harmful side effects of pharmaceuticals. I make remedies from natural products like essential oils, cocoa butter, coconut, grape seed oil & other carriers that help alleviate & or decrease symptoms from problems like pain, depression anxiety, asthma, insomnia, bronchitis, tooth pain, headaches, hair & skin problems and more. Most of these blends were proven when I ran a massage supply store. My products:    
Ready  To Use. These are the pure bases diluted with carriers of either oils, butters or combination. My favorite carriers {at this time} are cocoa butter & fractionated coconut oil & Whipped cocoa butter. Apply directly to the skin.
Pure Essential Oil Base. These are used in my Aroma-halers™, diffusers and as additives to carriers of your choice. If you are going to apply them to your skin, they MUST be diluted because they are too strong for direct application.
Aroma-halers™ These are pure bases inside of an inhaler tube. You insert the tip into the opening of your nostril, inhale deeply to use as aromatherapy. These are refillable with the Pure Essential Oil Base and can be carried in your pocket.
Room Spray Kits  An assortment of essential oil blends, and spray bottles. Just add water. Droppers included.
Cologne in squeeze bottle  1 oz portable with refill. In fractionated coconut oil.  

Products in whipped cocoa butter only available here in HOUSTON TEXAS cause they melt when shipped and do not recongeale !










lost  more than 30 pounds since then!


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